Yeshivas Doresh Ignites Passion for Learning in Bochor

Everyone needs inspiration and a suitable environment for learning. Yeshivas Doresh does for you. They present more than that, an individualized learning and life-molding platform that gives an equal sense of belonging and wanting to grow.

Yeshivas Doresh performs miracles for their students, every day every time. They provide individualized attention for each and every boy. Some become interested in Torah. Some fall in love with music or art, or sports and exercise. Some pick up life skills by living together, working together, and learning together. Some practice vocational training program that carries them for years to come.

In response to the needs of today and those of the future, Yeshivas Doresh caters to offering new opportunities to Yeshivas bochor, the post-high school Bais Medrash yeshiva. That focuses on setting goals of life and a sense of accomplishment. It starts with preparing a bochor for life and becoming independent, and most importantly, in learning responsibility. As they pick up these life skills, a bochor then at Yeshivas Doresh gets familiarity with the necessary tools to feel equipped for life and marriage, even they get to know how to prepare for having a healthy and meaningful relationship.

At Yeshivas Doresh, they discuss life values together and explore the direction that each individual bochor should take in his life. Whether it is more of a focus on Chessed, community, Torah education, Torah study, Tzedakah, activism, or whatever he feels, Yeshivas Doresh sparks optimism in each bochor.

Want to learn more about Yeshivas Doresh and their good cause? Want to join Yeshivas Doresh? Or, support to make an impact? Visit Yeshivas Learning Centre in Aventura

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