What You Can Expect at Yeshivas Doresh Learning Center in Florida?

Yeshivas Doresh is for enlightening the lives of challenged high school-aged young men, who have challenges with kriah (reading), havanah (comprehension), or classroom attention or concentration.

In the Florida Yeshivas Doresh learning center, you will get to see students coming from around the United States and Canada.

Yeshivas Doresh imparts education by using various techniques to help their students develop skills, so that they become able to feel comfortable davening, reading from the Torah (leining), writing, learning Gemara, and also enjoying it. The goal of Yeshivas Doresh is to develop a person who will be able to pick up life skills, vocational skills, and enjoy learning also during the rest of his life and be an active community person.

Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida has set out its goal of building an all-motivated learning, fun environment where students must feel accomplished and a sense of success.

Engaging Learning

Yeshivas Doresh promotes discussion-based learning, not lecture-based. Intense conversation in the classroom makes the class exciting and engaging. Students here will never be oblivious of their life at Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida. It promotes learning as a process and experience, maintaining more about balance than stress.

Happy and Fun Environment

At Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida, you will see everyone working hard, but also having a lot of fun. It demonstrates all of the pupils and the staff are really happy and live a collaborative, never a competitive life.

The gorgeous summer weather in Florida all year is another reason for people to fall in love with this place. While our students at Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida will be loving this place, they will also keep developing the skills that help them become prepared for life.

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