What to expect at Yeshivas Doresh

Being interested is easy, fun and normal; everyone around you is motivated, too.

Learning is discussion-based, not lecture-based; intense conversation in the classroom makes the class exciting. You are able to learn things that you never imagined.

Your learning are not limited to the texts; discussions go beyond the Sefer, and teachers respond to what students are interested in and welcome all questions.

Options are plentiful, and choices are important. Students choose the goals that they would like to accomplish. You’ll go to class, but then you’ll choose your own personal goals as well.

Your learning is more about process and experience than outcomes, more about balance than stress.

We’re a school, but with a small feel. Each class has about 4-6 students. Everyone is part of the action.

Everyone here works hard, but they have a lot of fun, too. Students will tell you that they and their friends are really happy, and that life here is collaborative, not competitive.

Being in Florida is a unique and important feature. We live in gorgeous summer weather all year, with blue skies, green trees and sun and this offers so many opportunities for fun and for learning. People compare it to a year-long camp. There’s even a month-long color war.

You won’t just become prepared for post High School—you’ll develop the skills that help you become prepared for life. 

You can be involved in a lot of different activities here. Many students try something new that they’ve never done before, and that’s encouraged. Then you can take the thing you love to the max.

Your teachers look for analysis, critical thinking, expressing ideas; they help you achieve these skills. You’ll develop your own point of view, and you’ll learn to respect others’ differing points of view.

Teachers are ready and willing to help you outside of class; your kesher is not limited to the classrom.

Faculty get to know you well—who you are and what you care about; you’ll want to meet their high expectations of you.

Your rebbes are writing Sefarim, are Poskim, and are passionate about what they are teaching. Your art teachers are artists, in and outside of school; your music teachers are musicians; your English teachers are writers; your construction teachers are general contractors and are building projects all over Miami, and so forth. All your teachers are scholars in their fields, and they love to teach. 

Feel Accomplished

We show you the way to becoming accomplished and feeling a sense of success. This will turn around your future and lead you to more accomplishments.

Find Your Interest

Each person has his unique interests and talents. We help you find what you want to do and then teach you how to develop it further.

Life Skills

We help prepare you for life. That means teaching you the skills to being able to be independent, have a parnassa, have a family, and be able to be an active participant in a community.

Wonderful experiences and memories of great times and accomplishments. We look forward to sharing them with you and many others. Guys have gone onto other yeshivas, colleges, jobs, marriages, etc.


projects completed


projects completed


awards and certifications


staff members


happy graduates

From where do they come?

So far from:

Fort Lauderdale                    Miami Beach                    Brooklyn

North Miami Beach              Boca Raton                      Monsey

Atlanta                                     Daytona                           Monroe

Staten Island                          Manhattan                      Queens

Far Rockaway                         Passaic                             Highland Park

Detroit                                     Milwaukee                       Chicago

Los Angeles                            Houston                           Baltimore

Silver Springs                        Philadelphia                     Toronto

Montreal                                 Melbourne                        Zurich

London                                    Yerushalayim                  Lakewood


Our team of professionals includes rebbes, educational consultants, teachers, therapy professionals, and more.

  • Rosh Yeshiva

    Founder & Rosh Yeshiva

    The founder of Yeshivas Doresh and Yeshivas Eitz Chaim, he has been the captain of this ship from...

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  • Rabbi Moshe Salfer

    Yeshivas Eitz Chaim

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  • Rabbi Avrohom Bukspan

    Yeshivas Doresh Rebbe and Eitz Chaim Coursework

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  • Rabbi Daniel Behar

    Mashgiach Ruchani

    He has helped many boys find the path they need to reach new heights and enter a new future. His...

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  • Prof. Don

    Director of Vocational Opportunities

    As we help boys grow, they help us grow. Doresh has given each of us here a sense of purpose and...

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  • Rabbi Joshua Sumner

    Director of Curriculum

    Education and parnassa and their interaction are some of the most complicated factors to determine...

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