Vocational Program at Yeshivas Doresh: Need Of The Hour

Vocational program at Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida gives students the opportunity to take marketable skills from the classroom directly into the working world.

Since the on-job training involves field work, the skills and abilities to perform a job become better. The vocational training program at Yeshiva learning center in Miami makes the students adapt to the nuances of the world outside their institute. Vocational program will give basic skills in: automotive, carpentry, electric, computers, sound equipment, painting, cooking, drafting software, plumbing, finance, public speaking, debating, first aid, art, music, investing, etc. and make him job-ready.

During the training, some students are identified with greater interest and promise in an area. Upon that finding and identification, further attention is offered to that student in that particular area of interest.

Based on their developmental skill, students are offered to participate in a project that is happening and he might be able to learn from being involved in it. With the development, the students may be able to learn more advanced skills and may even be offered to supervise other students or even teach some skills to other students and feel proud of his development.

In order to determine the right direction, the staff at Yeshivas Doresh may direct a student towards developing his skills in a specific area or vocation and direct him to more advanced classes or projects. It is done so to increase his skill set. By doing so, the objective to identify students with more promises, such as in artistic ability is accomplished. Then they are given opportunities to monetize those skills and then offered further areas to develop.

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