Music Program

Music Program

Rabbi Yehudah 'Hudy' Kornfeld

Rabbi Hudy was our first musical experience with making a weekly Kumzitz each Thursday night in the dark. He created such a ruach that guys already began writing songs. It was difficult for the musicians in Doresh to play along in the dark, but the dark was such a help in creating a comfortable environment for guys to sing in and not feel stigmatized.

Next, Rabbi Hudy began adding a Musical Selichos, similar to what is done in the Carlebach Shul in NYC, but with a Doresh twist. Today, the tradition has become that Rabbi Hudy comes with his family for Rosh Hashana as well and is the Ba’al Tefilla with lots of singing and dancing. It is a highlight of the year that is looked forward to.

Preparing for the End of Year Performance

Prof. Bill teaching: flute, violin, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, keyboard, and guitar.

Yaakov Yisroel 'Jimmy' Costello

In 2015, R’ ‘Jimmy’, a music teacher who moved to South Florida,  heard about the ruach in the Yeshiva and offered to join and play on Rosh Chodesh during davening Hallel. This began a new tradition in the Yeshiva of a Musical Hallel. R’ Jimmy brought some new interesting Carlebach style niggunim for Hallel and soon the bochorim were singing his Hallel tunes on any Rosh Chodesh that he could not join us. He also brought some other friends to join in and play, as well as brought many more instruments for the Yeshiva to join with him in the leibedig Hallel musical experience. So this tradition continues to increase further with each Hallel.

Musical Hallel with Gedaliah

Gedalia adding simcha to start the New Month.

Musical Selichos

Rabbi ‘Hudy’ leading the Yeshiva in Selichos. There is nothing like a heartzige and warm Selichos to prepare a person for a Rosh Hashana.

Professor Bill

In 2012, William Berliant, a music teacher from the Public School system who retired after 40 years of teaching, joined the staff and began teaching many types of instruments, voice lessons, and synchronized dance. We did not realize that Professor Bill could play almost any instrument and began teaching quite a few interesting ones. He found that we had a few very promising musicians and singers and began a program preparing them for formal presentations. One student was even chosen to receive weekly instruction from the conductor of the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra.

After developing more of an interest in music in the bochorim, Professor Bill was approached by the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra to be their conductor and moved to Naples.

Musical Hallel

R’ Jimmy bringing ruach to start of the month.

Gedaliah Aronson

In 2019, R’ ‘Jimmy’introduced us to R’ Gedaliah Aronson, a friend who had recently moved from Pittburgh. Gedaliah is the director of Blupella and is part of the Chillent band, which performs all over.

Gedaliah is a very talented musician, who does vocals, plays various instruments, writes music, performs, records, etc. Over the past few years, R’ Gedaliah has brought music and skills to the Yeshiva and introduced a lot of the students into reading music, writing music, recording, and learning to play instruments. R’ Gedaliah was able to continue teaching Doresh students across the globe throughout Covid over Zoom. It was a feat that Boards of Education marveled at and asked how the same thing could be replicated in their education systems. The amazing thing is that he brings soul and heart into the teaching and it is infectious, causing many students to want to learn and create music.