Role of Vocational Education Program in Shaping Students’ Career

A large part of our population is young and will in the next few years seek employment. If they are prepared to face the challenges of future employability, they have to pick up the skills that can help them find answers to what they want to or what they can do in their careers.

That’s why it is imperative that every individual be equipped with at least a skill such that they can earn their livelihood. And in order to do that they need to be made aware of all possible options available to them.

Yeshivas Doresh Learning Center in Florida equips their students with tools and skills for life and a successful future. An integral part of that will be to make a Parnassa. We offer vocational education for students who have interest in acquiring skills in automotive, carpentry, electric, computers, sound equipment, painting, cooking, drafting software, plumbing, finance, public speaking, debating, first aid, art, music, investing, etc. and that provides them with the practical skills needed for employment. In fact, with the right vocational skill the learner is better equipped for employment in the long run.

At Yeshivas Doresh Learning Center in Florida, students are offered to participate in projects that they are curious to learn from being involved in it. As a student progresses and picks up basic skills, the student may be able to learn more advanced skills and may even be offered to supervise other students or even teach some skills to other students and feel proud of his advancement.

Over to the next stage of the vocation education program at Yeshivas Doresh, students are allowed to more advanced classes or projects that will increase their skill set. Out of those participating students, many of them tend to show a lot of promise in artistic ability and are given opportunities to monetize their skills. They are taken to see how others have advanced, given opportunity to meet with those people and ask them questions for advice, and then offered further areas to develop.

In the end of the vocational education program, Yeshiva uses diagnostic assessments to determine the most probable fields that a student would find comfortable that would blend with his personality and interests. Based on the outcomes, students become more confident in determining their career path.

All these can happen easily, thanks to the vocation training program.

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