Post-high School Bais Medrash at Yeshivas Doresh Learning Center in Florida

In response to the needs of today’s Yeshiva bochor, post-high school Bais Medrash has been built to cater to offering new opportunities to today’s bochor. Helping the bochor in setting their goals and instilling a sense of accomplishment are the primary objectives.

There has been an increasing need to start preparing a bochor for life and becoming independent, and most importantly, in learning responsibility. If the bochors become able to develop those fundamental skills, a bochor is then believed to be able to feel equipped for life and marriage.

3 Goals of Yeshivas Eitz Chaim

  • The Halacha in Life Path
  • The Parnassa Preparedness Program
  • The Dating & Marriage Planning

The Halacha in Life Path: 

The objective of the Yeshivas Eitz Chaim is to build a bochor, aged between 18 and 22 years, into someone who realizes the underlying significance of Torah, Halacha, and has a Geshmack for Yiddishkeit. A talamid develops knowledge and sets achievable life-goals and making siyumim. They pick up skills the practical application in Poskim. Yeshivas learning center in Florida also offers an accredited college Bachelor’s degree, which can be used to further more advanced levels of education.

The Parnassa Preparedness Program:

Yeshivas institute center in Florida also prepares their students for the financial responsibility of independent living and having a parnassa. Yeshivas Eitz Chaim assists their bochors in preparing for that next stage of maturity and choosing a means of supporting a family.

The Dating & Marriage Planning:

These days, boys are getting married at a younger age. That’s the reason, they need to be familiar with the challenges of relationships. Rabbi Salfer teaches his talmidim the lessons on how to deal with those challenges and relationships through the original challenges of relationships in the Torah, which begins with Adom and Chava.

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