Life Skills

We live together, work together, and learn together. That gives us a lot of opportunities to learn from each other and to grow from these experiences.

We are a large “family” here in the Yeshiva and each person has his duty to take care of “our home”.
We do the cooking, cleaning, planning, purchasing, menu planning, serving, and everything else.
It doesn’t feel like a pain; it feels amazing.

Feeling Accomplished

“If the food doesn’t taste great, I’ll hear about it really quickly and we’ll probably change that recipe;
but if everyone likes it, I’ll be falling asleep at night with a smile on my face.”



Over the years in the Yeshiva, you learn how to:
normally set the table, set a Shabbos table, bake Challah, cook meals, bake, cook, cut vegetables and fruit, prepare salads,
clean up, take out the garbage, mop floors, clean the bathroom, proper hygiene, make your bed every morning, do your laundry,

Lead by example

Become a role model to others and feel pride

Learn to be responsible

“Over time, I have learned how to run an organization.
Show me a place that would give me that kind of opportunity.”


Tools for life


Independence is something that is developed over a continuum of time and experience.
It comes with gradual responsibilities and becoming dependable.
It is the greatest feeling of accomplishment when people rely on you and turn to you for help.


Each part of the Yeshiva is a place of pride, each with its own character.
manage money, be on time, follow directions, set goals, prioritize,
daven for the Amud, Lein, be a Gabbai,
be social and what to say (and what not to say), how to get along with people (and who to keep away from), keep positive, etc.