Life Skills Development for Tomorrow’s Challenges – An Essential Part of Yeshivas Doresh Learning Center in Florida

Some essential skills such as resilience, communication, proactivity and leadership need to be developed since the student life at school in order to face the challenges of today’s job landscape. If the young people want to sustain their effort while facing big challenges, equipping them with the skill sets that they will need to prepare for the unseen future is a significant task.

Yeshivas Doresh equips their students with the tools for life. Our teachers understand that independence is something that is developed over a continuum of time and experience. It comes with gradual responsibilities and the students become dependable with gradual steps. We help them understand the greatest feeling of accomplishment is when people like to rely on you and turn to you for help.

However, developing the essential life skills takes time. At Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida, life skills development training for our students starts with little things like setting the table, setting a Shabbos table, baking Challah, cooking meals, baking, cooking, cutting vegetables and fruit, prepare salads, cleaning up, taking out the garbage, mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, proper hygiene, making your bed every morning, doing your laundry, etc.

Our students also learn how to manage money, be on time, follow directions, set goals, prioritize, daven for the Amud, Lein, be a Gabbai, be social and what to say (and what not to say), how to get along with people (and who to keep away from), keep positive, etc.

Our mission at Yeshivas Doresh Learning Center in Miami is to nurture, inspire and challenge all students through an ongoing commitment to engaging learning, creativity, and growth. A commitment to character and Middos are an essential and recognizable part of every student’s pursuit of accomplishment and excellence.

Join us and we will grow together.

The Yeshiva offers opportunities and the skills for life.

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