Important Life Skills That You Achieve at Yeshivas Doresh in Florida

Though you don’t know exactly what’s ahead for your kid, we can focus on helping them become self-sufficient now by teaching them foundational life skills that will help them find success as adults.

At Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Miami, we have such a good environment where each student lives together, works together, and learns together. That gives them a lot of opportunities to learn from each other and to grow from these experiences. They will learn how to manage themselves and help your student become a team player at work and in life, making them a good leader, valued employee, cherished friend, and disciplined individual.


Responsibility is a golden habit of a person. Making the decision to be proactive over our responses is probably the most important decision we can make as young adults. Our students develop the skills on how to accept emotionally in some situations, Plus, they also learn the cooking, cleaning, planning, purchasing, menu planning, serving, and everything else.


Integrity means knowing the right things to do, the wrong things to avoid, and selecting the best right action even when no one is watching. Integrity means that your student knows a range of possible behaviors and responses to their feelings. It helps them decide for themselves which behavior or response best serves the situation.

Role Model

We help our students to be social, what to say, and what not to say, how to get along with people, and who to keep away from, keep positive, etc. Our students are encouraged to do all things in the right way, to the right direction, and practice them in their day-to-day, so that this can become integral to their traits. And gradually they become a role model that everyone will follow.

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