High School Diploma

Doresh works with Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy (TOKLA) to provide educational services towards a fully accredited High School Diploma. All of the subject areas necessary for the Diploma are taught and are assessed. Each student is assessed each year to measure his educational level and to ensure that he is advancing towards the college educational level.

Cognia (AdvancedEd) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) are the accrediting agencies.

The instruction is offered both in a classroom setting, as well as through an online curriculum, to ensure that each student can learn both in school and at home when he is away on a break or for any other reason. There are also opportunities to take more advanced AP courses or even college courses while still in High School and receive college credits.

If a student requires more attention or additional time to learn the material, the appropriate measures are taken to provide the necessary scaffolding to help him towards matriculation. The staff and teachers are also special education trained staff and are prepared for all types of students.

More advanced students are offered more advanced education coursework and the students who require remedial reading or math instruction receive what they need, on a person by person basis. Each student is an individual and is taught according to his level and need.