Favorite Doresh Traditions That Will Drive You To Join Yeshivas Learning Center in Florida Today!

From the structured to the spontaneity, fun comes in many forms here in Yeshivas Doresh learning center in Florida. The goal is to engage their students in every sphere of activity from sports and exercise, travels, music program, driving, yachting, to vocational program.

Student engagement is core to a high quality learning experience. Though not everyone will agree on what is meant by student engagement or how to achieve it, they will understand the value when they will see students really enjoy trying new things and finding out what they like.

Yeshivas learning center in Florida tries every way to uphold the fun elements in their students while also upholding favorite Doresh traditions.

Awards at the End of Each Zman

Ms. Oullete Trueba hands out an award to each person at the end of each Zman. Her highly-regarded creativity in inventing a personalized award for each person, including students and staff, makes each of them feel appreciated, validated, and important. It also teaches each person to think about how to find the positive in every person.

Shavuos Bar-B-Q

Students and staff in the Yeshivas learning center in Florida have a Steak BBQ on the second night of Shavuous after having stayed up all night the night before. They are inspired to make Kiddush, Hamotzi and eat BBQ. They participate in singing, Divrei Torah, and eating steak. Shavuos has many memorable Doresh traditions. Take for example all of the Siyumim are made at 4:30 AM. and the Ne’ilas HaChag Banquet in the Dark. However, BBQ is always talked about.


Every night, every person has to announce a Thank You to someone for something that he/she did for him that day even at the Rabbi’s house. Maariv won’t start until every person has done a Shout Out to someone.

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