Drivers Education & Drivers Instruction

The first question we are always asked when we are called about a Shidduch for a bochor is whether or not he has a driver’s license. As a result, we make an early goal for each boy to begin working to get a driver’s license. It is a goal for him to strive towards, over time, as he matures. It has been a great proven motivator, a source of self-esteem building, and a feeling of accomplishment.

Learning the laws of driving

I have my license!

There is Drivers Education and then there is Driving Instruction.

Drivers Education (Drivers Permit)

Drivers Education is learning the laws of driving. Instructors make the concepts of driving simple to grasp and relatable to real-life driving. The goal is to develop the knowledge and understanding needed to safely, legally, and economically operate a motor vehicle and then take the test to achieve a Florida Drivers Permit.

Drivers Instruction (Drivers License)

Driving Instruction is the practice of actual driving skills. This includes practicing the actual skills necessary to pass the Florida Road Driving Test and receive a Florida Drivers License. Students receive as many hours as are needed to prepare the student to pass the actual Road Test. The instructors we use are the same individuals who are then able to give the student the actual Road Test so a comfort level for the student has already been established with the officer who is giving the test.