Being our best selves in the world

Everything you do at Yeshivas Doresh – every shiur, class, presentation, job, every piece of music, every sport and every act of service – is meant to help you discover your interests, your power and your responsibility.

Each student is guided into becoming an independent adult. Learning fundamental life skills, vocational skills, learning skills, people and social skills, becoming prepared and ready for life, work, marriage, and whatever else you will want. You will be independent way before you step out of the door. Best of all, your self-esteem will grow and you will feel ready to take the next step in life.


Why do students say that their years at Doresh were the most formative of their lives? It could be the time, the place. Or the friendships they make. For many, the answer is found in the wholeness of the experience. The knowledge, the independence and the empowering of each student. It’s life-changing.

A day in the life of Doresh


I learned to buckle down and get work done and have confidence that I can be a success.


Skills Building

Yeshiva has helped me develop the skills to build a future with.



Along the way, I discovered that I had ideas and that they were good ones.



I became more optimistic and learned to put others before myself.



I have been offered opportunities here that are not found anywhere else.



When I first came, I found everyone actually smiling; soon I became one of those smiling faces.


My story...Simcha

I was learning in Israel and another bochor in the yeshiva there told me that if I went to this yeshiva called Doresh my life would change and I would become an amazing bochor. How did he know? He said that he had learned in Doresh and that it changed his life. Well, I am from Australia—so Doresh is really far away from home!—and the first couple of weeks were an adjustment. 

In Doresh, everyone is just so friendly and the other guys were so welcoming. It didn’t take long for me to feel at home here. Living in the dorm is like having a year-round sleepover with some of your best friends. I have graduated into Eitz Chaim and I never could have imagined how much I could grow. Now, I find myself telling so many people how Doresh can change their lives too. 

  • Positions of responsibility and role-model
  • Recruitment and fundraising developer
  • Miami Chill-zone coordinator
  • Learning like never before
  • Leadership skills to manage team
  • Offered high-paying jobs all the time

Our experience

Semicha 80%
Vocational career 95%
College courses 90%
Community involvement 100%

Our team

Looking for a yeshiva to help you when no one else could?