Our staff

  • Rosh Yeshiva

    Founder & Rosh Yeshiva

    The founder of Yeshivas Doresh and Yeshivas Eitz Chaim, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed it to the success it is today....

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  • Rabbi Moshe Salfer

    Yeshivas Eitz Chaim

    Creating a program to make a bochor feel accomplished is a challenge, thankfully he was here to man the helm and lead the Yeshiva where it needed to go. He...

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  • Rabbi Avrohom Bukspan

    Yeshivas Doresh Rebbe and Eitz Chaim Coursework

    Rabbi Bukspan is an accomplished mechanech. His skills at creating relationships with talmidim is legendary; his classes are amazing, fun, interesting, and...

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  • Rabbi Daniel Behar

    Mashgiach Ruchani

    He has helped many boys find the path they need to reach new heights and enter a new future. His skills of understanding a bochor are unparalleled, and he is...

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  • Prof. Don

    Director of Vocational Opportunities

    As we help boys grow, they help us grow. Doresh has given each of us here a sense of purpose and blessing in our life. Our low turnover rate and amazingly dedicated...

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  • Rabbi Joshua Sumner

    Director of Curriculum

    Education and parnassa and their interaction are some of the most complicated factors to determine someone's future. There are so many changes happening so...

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I have been here in the Yeshiva for a week and I have enjoyed the davening each morning so much that I wish I could bring it home with me

Rabbi Hillel David
Chaver Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, Agudas Yisroel; Torah Umesorah

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