Our sports and exercise

Formal Sports Games

Football, basketball, soccer, etc.
Every week, there are various sports played during gym time. We have guys from all over and there are various sports they each want to compete in. However, there are plenty of opportunities.

David's Boot Camp

Weights, calisthenics, battle ropes, slam ball, etc.
Every other week, Coach David has everyone doing a Boot Camp for an hour plus. Even if you are not the athletic type and are not used to competitions, you can get used to this pretty quickly.

Hand/Eye Coordination

Bean bag toss, ring toss, ping-pong ball bounce, etc.
Coach David works with guys on their hand/eye coordination and uses a bunch of techniques that he creates competitions with. There are even races while carrying things or with people just plain tied to each other. These probably won't be in the World Olympics, but they are fun and definitely help.

Outdoor Overnight Camping

Camping, Canoeing, Swimming, Shelter Building, Fire Building & Cooking, Hiking, etc.
These are the skill-building activities that sound exciting (and they are!), but there are plenty of other skill-building group and team initiatives that are done (don't forget the frozen turkey). There is also going to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) each week (each guy has a membership) and there is a million-dollar workout center that professional athletes share with us.
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I have been here in the Yeshiva for a week and I have enjoyed the davening each morning so much that I wish I could bring it home with me

Rabbi Hillel David
Chaver Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, Agudas Yisroel; Torah Umesorah

Looking for a yeshiva that has summer all year?

We have various seasons of summer here and no one needs a coat here in the winter