dorm life

At Doresh, your dorm is your home base from day one. It’s where you make your first friends as a new student, and where, over the years, younger students look to you for help, guidance, and friendship. From year to year, you establish stronger and stronger relationships with your friends and roommates.

Our residential approach is central to building an inclusive community. You’ll meet people you never would otherwise — students who come from around the globe to live and learn at Yeshivas Doresh.

Team Work

“The way that our dorm team works together, and the different skills that each of us has, fits together like a puzzle and creates a supportive environment.”


I realized the people who lived with me were not just my dorm mates, but my new family: friends who truly cared about me.


“As a former student, I know how challenging the pace of life in Yeshiva can be. I try to support all of the guys through relating how it was for me when I first came.”

-Simcha -Dorm Counselor


“I make myself known as someone who is approachable. I think it’s natural for students to want to talk through issues, large or small, with a peer.”

-Yoel- Dorm Counselor

You Become a Band of Brothers

“Your dorm will become your home away from home, providing memories and friendships for life. There are many guys who fly thousands of miles to spend breaks with their friends from Yeshiva. They become like the closest brothers.”

Cheer You Up

Student listeners provide peer-based support within each dorm. They receive training on how to engage with dorm mates and how to cheer up someone who is away from home for the first time.


growing together

“Every night after we finish cleaning up the Yeshiva, we make fries, hotdogs, or something else to eat. Each Thursday, we make a cholent and some guys pull out guitars and we make a Kumzitz.
It’s a real bonding experience when we’re all singing, eating, and just hanging out.”

Friends for life

friends for life

“I was looking for a home away from home and that’s definitely what I’ve been experiencing here.”

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